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Jupiter Island FL-Palm Beach Gardens Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Drywall Experts

When installing and repairing knockdown textures in Jupiter Island, it is crucial to know the types of textures. Palm Beach Gardens Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Drywall Experts will share info on three significant knockdown textures you can install in your home. The three types of knockdown textures are splatter, trowel, and stomp. Each type has a unique look and requires different tools and techniques.


This is the most popular knockdown texture. It has the look of Spanish Lace stucco, with an intricate pattern of splotches inspired by lace veil patterns. The surface is first sprayed with a drywall gun loaded with either premixed drywall mud or joint compound powder and then water. Flatten them with a knockdown knife to achieve a low-profile raised texture, which covers forty percent of the surface.

The remaining sixty percent remains flat. Spraying on a ceiling can make the application messy due to downward splashback. This technique is more time-consuming than stomping and mud trowel. However, once you are ready to go, the application will be quicker, easier, and more uniform. A small area can be sprayed in under an hour, while a larger area can take about one day.


This texture is the most noticeable of all three. It has a higher surface elevation than either splatter, mud trowel, or splatter. This is achieved by mixing premixed drywall mud and water, then applying it to a wall using a paint roller.

The mud is then flattened using a standard knife. This leaves a finger-like texture at sixty to seventy percent of the surface. The entire process can take twice as long because drywall is applied initially by roller to cover the surface. Additionally, the second step of stomping before knockdown is necessary.

Mud trowel

Also known as skip trowel, this technique gives you a more subtle look than splatter and stomp. This is achieved by applying drywall glue using a curved-blade scoop and then skimming the mudded areas with the clean trowel. The curved trowel allows the mud to skip across walls and ceilings, leaving behind a sparse texture with round, quarter-sized globules covering 50 percent of the surface. Hand troweling is more patience-intensive than splattering.

You must hire a professional contractor to paint your home or office. A commercial painting contractor who can give you the best value for every dollar you spend on renovations should be chosen.

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